Crypto Startup Radar Reveals New Tools For Lightning Developers

Crypto Startup Radar Reveals New Tools For Lightning Developers

The set of developer tools include a brand new configuration helper for setting up a node, but also a new invoice system where users can check if their node is connected to other nodes. There is also a liquidity tool so users can be sure to send and receive payments which were not a simple task before since the technology is still developing.

The new developer tools are a part of the Radar ION which Radar’s own platform for onboarding all of the lightning users. The users at the virtual Boltathon conference that goes on this weekend also features a hackathon dedicated especially to lightning. All of the users are invited and welcomed to use the tools.

Radar is best-known for its Radar Relay platform which is basically a decentralized exchange for trading tokens by eliminating the middlemen over Ethereum. This is a first for the team reaching out into the bitcoin areas by mostly focusing on lighting technology.

The product lead of Radar Brandon Curtis said in an interview with Coindesk:

 “We’re constantly scanning the horizon for groundbreaking technologies, last year our R&D team identified lightning as promising technology, with the potential for more than just payments. While an ethereum [decentralized application (dapp)] was our first product, our parent brand Radar is focused on building products for our next financial system.”

Radar has huge plans on expanding in the future and to keep upgrading this functionality. Developers are still building a lot of apps on top of the lightning network such as chess games, and article payment platforms using the network.

Curtis added:

 “Next we’re focused on building tools to support developers creating apps on the network.’’